Refurbisment of apartment houses

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We provide everything from a design work, obtaining a building permit, financing, processing subsidies, the implementation and a final inspection.

Our advantage is a highly qualified work team in the professional, technical, organizational, commercial and administrative way. Complete refurbisment of apartment houses is our core program, we have a vast experience. We would be glad to assess your property, give you advise and prepare an offer for you for free.

  • Insulation
  • Balconies and enclosed balconies- both new and reconstructed
  • Changing of aperture fillings
  • Flat roofs and roof trusses
  • Locksmith and plumbing works
  • Otimization of the regulation of heating system
  • Hard surfaces, landscaping
  • Wiring, lightning conductors, lifts, revisions
  • Sanitary - replacement, repair
  • Building of family houses

Where to get money to renovate your apartment house?

We all know that the renovation of apartment house requires quite a large investment. Every month you pay a certain amount of money to the fund repairs so that you can keep the house in a good condition. Certain part of this money is needed for normal maintenance of the house, it means that for the repairs remains every month even less money.

You have several options

  • You can do nothing and just wait and see what will happen, but it is the worst option, so every year you lose thousands crowns on heating of an unrestored house, you can have a wet house with ugly facade, cold floor, dangerous balconies, a leaky roof, etc.
  • Another option is to save for many years to your fund repairs and live in an unrestored house, always pay more money for heating and hope they will not raise prices of construction works and VAT.
  • It would be the best if each of you just paid a few tens to hundreds thousands crowns and for that money you could repair your house immediately. But the point is, if all people in the house have such money

So the question is, if there is an optimal way how to pay the entire repair. You are lucky that there are more people to take care of your house.It is generally inadvisable to borrow money to get usual things like holidays, television, etc., but your house needs to be repaired and it is obvious that you have to borrow money for its renovation. Then you can reduce the cost for its maintenance and improve your living, which is certainly reasonable. Despite these facts, flat owners are still afraid of taking loans.

In many cases, we manage to solve the funding for the renovation of the building without having to increase the fund repairs.As owners, then you pay each month still the same amount to the fund repairs, but you have your house repaired immediately, you save on heating immediately and you enjoy all the other benefits. This is however individual. Do you want more information? Send us a non-binding inquiry and our technician will visit you and propose a solution, free of charge.

Want more information?

Send us a non-binding request and our technician will visit you and suggest a solution. Free and free of charge!

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